Lil' Red & The Rooster comes in many combinations to fit a variety of venue sizes and price ranges. Every combination has the same great music, quality and professionalism.


This award winning duo is where it all began. Never underestimate the full combo sound they create using a live looper. No pre-recording or correction tricks. They've masterfully integrated Lil' Red's compact standing snare kit and technology to give Pascal a groovy base to improvise in true electric blues style. They're on their feet and moving. From small intimate settings to large stages the duo fills the space at the appropriate volumn.

Jennifer "Lil' Red" Milligan - vocals, washboard, standing snare/high-hat set

Pascal "Rooster" Fouquet - electric guitar, baritone guitar, slide guitar and live looper

Trio & Quartet

All of these possibilities have Lil' Red on her standing kit!

Don't like the idea of a looper ... well here ya go!

Basically the same as the Duo with another musician, bass, upright bass or keys to replace the looper! While you're at it, you can add another soloist.

Don't mind technology and want a second soloist?

Well we have many friends ... 2nd guitar, harmonica, horn, second singer, percussionist ...

Combo 4, 5, 6 +

Now if you wanna see Lil' Red dance and hear Pascal hit the heights backed by a deep in the pocket rhythm section well then book a Combo! (You still get the washboard!)

4, 5, 6 pieces or more. All the musicians we work with are professional good people who can swing those shuffles, jump those boogies and get funky!



Lil' Red & The Rooster Spectrified

Premiered at the 2018 Bay Car Blues Festival in France, Dave Specter joins the Combo!

Fantastic dueling guitars and boogie and blues keys by Ricky Nye or Fabien Saussaye with Lil' Red on vocals! A seriously exciting and smooth blues experience!

Looking for a headliner for your festival or event?


Special Guests

We're honored to have the following guest artists available to play in our line-up.

  • Dave Specter
  • Diunna Greenleaf
  • Ricky Nye
  • Shaun Booker
  • Sean Carney
  • Philippe Briere
  • Long Tall Deb
  • Colin John